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PRICE: $9.99


Tackling bullying just got tougher.

Twelve-year-old Desiree Davenport thought she had life all figured out. Nothing but designer clothes, fancy restaurants, and roller-skating on her block with her best friends. Then BOOM! Everything changed.


When Desiree's parents get divorced right before seventh grade, she and her mom move to the city of Treeless Park, where they're stuck living in a smelly apartment above a fish store. Her mom signs her up to be a cheerleader, even though she's very shy. To make matters worse, her old friends are acting crazy and her father has reduced their relationship to infrequent text messages. Life's a bust.


However, Desiree's world looks up when she meets fraternal twin brothers Rashad and Phil du Bois - the stars of the Pirates football team. The twins seem to have it all - a big family, popularity, and good looks. To top it off, their family owns the busiest restaurant in town: The Crunch Bowl. The twins have welcomed Desiree into it all, and Rashad really likes Desiree. But there's a problem: The twins are bullies, which isn't cool with Desiree.


Relying on her love of mystery books, Desiree sets out to discover why the twins bully their football teammate, Chauncey Willis. It's a rocky road, as the twins and Chauncey remain tight-lipped about their beef, leaving Desiree in the dark. With the help of her cheer teammate, Corinne Corelle, Desiree grows to appreciate her new life. She becomes determined to pull this mission off and help the twins become better people once and for all. 


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PRICE: $9.99

In this sequel to Desiree Davenport: Welcome to Treeless Park, 12-year-old Desiree Davenport is finally embracing her new life.

Gone are Desiree’s old house in the suburbs, fake friends, and insecurities about her parents’ divorce. Now, it’s her and her mom during the spring semester of the seventh grade school year, things with her dad have improved, and Desiree’s new crew has officially taken shape. There’s Rashad du Bois, who really likes Desiree, and his fraternal twin brother, Phil, who suddenly has a lot more to say to Desiree’s friend, Corinne Corelle. Then, there’s Chauncey Willis, who’s gone from being bullied by the twins on the football field to enjoying after-school meals at their family’s restaurant, The Crunch Bowl, with the crew. Desiree’s always wanted a group of friends like this, and she couldn’t have asked for better timing. Still, all friendships have their challenges.

Problems arise when Desiree learns that only one of the twins actually wants Chauncey around, while the other twin secretly wishes that Chauncey would get lost. To make matters worse, Corinne starts acting brand-new when her old B.F.F. moves back to Treeless Park, and things get awkward when this old B.F.F. latches onto Desiree while trying to wedge Corinne out of the crew. What in the world is going on?

In the midst of a school STEM competition that reveals creativity and innovation, and a huge upset in church on Youth Sunday that causes tension, Desiree becomes determined to stand firm in what she believes in, hold onto the friendships she’s built, and keep her crew together, because at the end of the day, Desiree Davenport is already claiming victory, because she knows that this is her time.


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